Participaton at VIV Asia 2019

Inberg company will participate at the fair VIV Asia 2019 that takes place in Bangkok in the period of 13-15 March 2019.

Interagro 2017.

Inberg exhibits at ,,Interagro'' 2017.

Inberg in International fair in Bjelovar,Sep. 2017

Inberg company took part in 25th Bjelovar fair in Croatia from 08. to 10.09.2017.

New small packages, Feb. 2017

Inberg set up a new packing line with small packages of premixes.
Our products are made of high quality raw materials that do not contain genetically modified organism.
Research and development
We organize network of farms where we test new products and check their production results.
Professional team
Inberg team is made of experts from different fields (biology, chemistry, veterinary medicine and animal husbandry). Their mission is to constantly keep track about latest trends


Human resources in the company INBERG represent relation between job requirements and employees, responding to the demands of business process, selecting the good team, providing adequate education and proper motion for the career development of our employees.

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